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1924 Paris Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony

The Games of the VIII Olympiad
Paris, France
The 1924 Olympic Stadium in Paris
Olympic Ceremony Records
italics indicate records at the time
  • First City to Host Two Official Summer Olympic Games (1900,1924)
  • First Country to Host Two Official Summer Olympic Games (1900, 1924)
  • First Country to Host Three Olympic Games (1900, 1924 Winter, 1924)
  • First Use of a Canon (canons were also used in the Closing Ceremony of 1920 Antwerp)
  • First Use of Loudspeakers
  • Last Olympics Without an Olympic Flame
  • Most Nations Participating (44) - previous Antwerp 1920 (29)
  • Most Athletes Participating (3,089) - previous Antwerp 1920 (2,626)

Opening Ceremony
Stade Olympique (45,000)
July 5, 1924


Official Report
(many pictures of the Opening Ceremony are found in this report - click the black arrow in the right-hand corner to see a larger view)

Opening Ceremony Highlights
The Opening Ceremony of the 1924 Olympics solidified the rituals that began with the 1920 Antwerp Games.  This ceremonial program would be followed for several decades, and beginning with these Olympics you will slowly be able to see a crescendo of artistic elements that will eventually lead to the ultra-elaborate ceremonies of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin in Nazi-controlled Germany.  The 1924 Paris games will be the last Olympics without an Olympic Flame.
  • Church Service at Notre Dame Cathedral, along with a Protestant service as well
  • French President and dignitaries meet at L'Elysee Palace to parade to the Stadium
  • French President Arrives at the Stadium
  • The Parade of Nations enters through the giant "Marathon Door" at the Olympic Stadium
  • Band music plays during the Parade
  • Airplane Flyover
  • French President declares the Games open
  • Trumpet fanfare and canon blasts
  • Olympic Flag raised
  • Doves released
  • All the national flags form a semicircle around an athlete who takes the Athlete's Oath on loudspeakers for the first time
  • 500 person choir performs (song unknown)

Gold Medal of the 1924 Paris Olympics

Opening Ceremony of the 1924 Olympics in Paris

Official Poster of the 1924 Olympics in Paris

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