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1900 Paris Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony
Athens 1896 - St. Louis 1904

The Games of the II Olympiad
Paris, France

Tug of War competition in the 1900 Olympics
Olympic Ceremony Records 
italics indicate records at the time

  • First Olympics Without an Opening Ceremony
  • First Olympics Held as Part of the World's Fair
  • First Olympics that Women Competed
  • Most Countries Participating (24) - previous Athens 1896 (14)
  • Most Athletes Participating (997) - previous Athens 1896 (241)
  • Most Olympic Events (95) - previous Athens 1896 (43)

Opening Ceremony
No official Opening Ceremony

No official Opening Ceremony

Official Report

Opening Ceremony Highlights
The 1900 Olympic Games took place during the Paris World Exhibition of 1900.  These massively outshone the games and with the poor organization, it nearly killed the Olympic movement.  Even though there were no opening ceremonies, I did find the following ceremony for the Archery events in the Official Report.  This was the first time Archery would be a part of the Olympics.  Even though it is in French, I will give some of the details below in English:
  • Archery was one of the first events of the games; the Archery Parade Grand Prix of the Exposition took place on May 27
  • Instead of competing as nations, the competitors paraded with their professional archer company
  • The parade consisted of 178 companies of archers and 25 crossbow companies
  • 1,723 company members marched in the parade
  • 182 flags were marched (some hundreds of years old - part of the old archer companies)
  • 4 marching bands paraded
  • 2,000 military gunmen marched in the parade
  • The parade was 3km in length and started at noon, arriving at the shooting range at 1:00.
  • 4,000 people were in attendance at the shooting range
  • President of the Competition M. Jay, opened the games, and archers launched arrows into the sky
  • 200 bronze medals were distributed to the participating companies
  • Archery competitions lasted 48 days


Velodrome of Vincennes - home to many events of the Paris 1900 games

Olympic Victory Plaque
(not officially a medal, but this is the first gold Olympic victory prize)

Olympic Poster

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