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1916 Berlin Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony

The Games of the VI Olympiad
Berlin, Germany

Deutsches Stadion - planed to host the Opening Ceremonies in Berlin
Olympic Ceremony Records
italics indicate records at the time

  • First Olympics to be Canceled (World War I)

Opening Ceremony
Deutsches Stadion (50,000)
No Opening Ceremony

No Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony Highlights
The Games of 1916 were canceled because of the outbreak of the Great War.  Some of the preparation materials remain including some short articles from the New York Times below.  More pictures of the German Stadium in Berlin are posted below as well.  Over 60,000 attended the opening of the stadium and it had a unique layout with the Olympic's first 400 meter track, surrounded by a 666 meter cycling track, with a swimming pool connected to the opposite side of the cycling track.. Oddly enough, even though these games never took place, they planned to have an entirely separate period for winter events.  This idea eventually led to separate the winter events entirely and in 1924, the Olympic Winter Games began.

Official Report
No Official Report but here are several short articles from the New York Times

Opening Ceremony of the Berlin Stadium on June 8, 1913

Opening Ceremony of the Berlin Stadium on June 8, 1913

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