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1904 St. Louis Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony
1900 Paris - Athens 1906

The Games of the III Olympiad
St. Louis, USA
Crowd at Francis Field
Olympic Ceremony Records
italics indicate records at the time
  • First Olympics in North America
  • Last Olympics Held as Part of a World's Fair
  • First Olympics to Award Gold Medals to the Winners
  • Smallest Crowd to Witness a Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony (4,000)
  • Smallest Stadium to Host the Opening Ceremony (4,000) - tie St. Moritz 1928
  • Smallest Crowd to Witness an Opening Ceremony (4,000)

Opening Ceremony
Francis Field (4,000)
May 14, 1904

No Official Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony Highlights
This was the last Olympic Games without an Opening Ceremony and the last associated with a World Exhibition.  There are no ceremonial events in the Official Report, however there was an event that was recorded in several media outlets.  This ceremony took place at the start of the athletic competitions.
  • President Francis of the Organizing Committee arrives at Francis Field with US Secretary of State John Hay along with other dignitaries in silk hats.
  • A band performed the Star-Spangled Banner
  • Francis walked the athletes down to the field to start the first heats of the 100 meter dash

Official Report
No Ceremonies in the Official Report

Gold Medal (front and back) of the 1904 Olympics - The First Gold Medals of the Olympic Games

Official Program Cover of the St. Louis World's Fair - Host of the 1904 Olympics

Francis Field - Host of the Athletics Events of the 1904 Games

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