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1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony

Lake Placid, New York
Governor of New York, Franklin Roosevelt opens the 1932 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid
Olympic Ceremony Records
italics indicate records at the time
  • First Winter Games in North America
  • First Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony to Use Loudspeakers
  • Fewest Events (tied 1928 St. Moritz) - 14

Opening Ceremony
Olympic Stadium (7,475)
February 4, 1932


Opening Ceremony Highlights
The Opening Ceremony of the third Winter Olympics were held on a bright and sunny morning.  Notably, this was the first Winter Olympic ceremony to use loudspeakers and the Governor of New York, Franklin Roosevelt opened the games.  Roosevelt would later win the 1932 Presidential Election.  This brief ceremony lasted less than 30 minutes in length.
  • Officials Enter Stadium
  • National Anthem of the United States performed by military band
  • Parade of Nations
  • Games opened by FDR
  • Olympic Flag raised
  • Althete's Oath
Gold Medal of the1932 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid

Olympic Poster of the 1932 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid
1932 Olympic Stadium in Lake Placid

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