Thursday, December 2, 2010

New York Compications

Well, there is not much news to report so far.  Our flight to New York was canceled last night because of weather.  Continental rescheduled the flight for the next morning and that was canceled.  We finally were able to leave to Chicago early Thursday morning and then make it to New York and arrive after my scheduled audition for Chautauqua Opera.

So, I asked Chautauqua if they would allow me to change my audition time.  They are very strict about these situations, but they were gracious enough to give me an audition on Saturday shortly after another audition I have with another company.  This makes me feel much better about the whole fiasco.  Nevertheless, we did some sightseeing once we arrived everything will go as planned.

Expedia gave me a $100 travel voucher for all the trouble, so that was nice as well.

Since we had the evening free, we decided to go see the Broadway musical "Avenue Q".  It was great! Really funny and very entertaining.  The musical is unique because it involves puppets like the Muppets, but it covers more adult plot lines than something like Sesame Street would.

But that is all from the Big Apple so far.  Tomorrow I have an audition in the evening and will update late tomorrow night.  I'm so so tired, so I am going to get some sleep!

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