Monday, December 13, 2010

Susan Boyle

This week, I'd like to give my congratulations to all my friends who graduated this week - and most especially to my little brother.  I have always thought, and I'm sure that many people will agree with me, that the worst part of college is the end.  There is some invisible wall between undergraduate student and the diploma that takes so much energy to push down.  I am not sure how it compares to past generations, but for my generation almost no one graduates in four years and more and more requirements are put on the students.  But, congrats to all those who made it past!  I'm still not sure if it makes life any easier, but it is a great accomplishment.

I must say that I have had a terrific week.  On Tuesday, I was the featured soloist for the Monteverdi Vespers concert in Kansas City.  I know I've been talking about it for a long time, but I was particularly proud of this one.  It included music with strange ornaments and in an ancient style.  I had quite a  number of solos, and it went very very well, thanks to the magical energy in Chinese food.  Thank you to everyone who went and thank you for the great reception afterward.  It really made me feel at home here in Kansas City with all the appreciation and good wishes.  For those who didn't come, I will hopefully have an audio copy of the concert soon.  Go ahead and email me at if you would be interested in listening to it.

Also, I was the tenor soloist for a production of Messiah at Centennial United Methodist Church in KC, MO.  I always have a lot of fun with Messiah, and I was so happy that my parents came up to watch and spend the weekend with Dusti and I.

A special thank you to Stephanie Dudley who was my "secret Santa" this year and gave me the very appropriate gift of Susan Boyle's Christmas CD!  Now before you get on facebook and post a pro-Susan Boyle comment, I must admit that I am jealous of her success (and Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, and Charlotte Church among others) and I am proud of my jealousy.  Two venial sins make a right, right?  I came across this video on the facebook pages of several of my friends who are professionals.  Don't feel bad if you don't understand some of the jokes - there are a few that only musicians would laugh at - like singing Lulu.

Don't get me wrong.  I really do understand that many people like music for entertainment purposes and do not care or understand the art of it.  But in that sense, it is similar to the difference between love and lust.

“Though lust do masque in ne'er so strange disguise she's oft found witty, but is never wise.” - John Webster

Beyond philosophical tangents, I am going through some rigorous finals this week and I am looking forward to the holidays and bowl season as I am sure many of you are as well.  I am still waiting to hear from several programs and contests that I applied and auditioned for.  I will likely apply to audition for more programs this week.  And, Shreveport Opera notified me that I am an alternate for their Singer of the Year contest.

Finally, a little note on the KCVI charity auction.  It raised over $3,100 so far and received a huge amount of press.  Thank you for participating!  Let me know if there are any performing artists, musicians, or other interesting people that you would like to see in next year's charity auction.  I will try my best to contact them and try to get them on board.

Current Audition Info & Results
Missouri NATS - October 30-31 - 2nd Place Advanced Division
Santa Fe Opera - applied 9/16 - not invited 10/22
Chautauqua Opera (New York) - attended, waiting for results
Wolf Trap Opera (Washington D.C.) - applied 10/8 - not invited 10/18
National Opera Association Competition (San Antonio) - applied 10/12
Crested Butte Opera (Colorado) - attended, waiting for results
Sugar Creek Symphony (Chicago) - attended, waiting for results
Shreveport Opera Competition - applied 10/12
Symphony in the Valley (Colorado) - applied 10/13
Ash Lawn Opera (near Washington D.C.) - applied 10/13

Upcoming concerts:
December 16, 2010 - Voice Juries - UMKC Conservatory
March 17-20, 2011 - Don Giovanni by Mozart - Don Ottavio - White Recital Hall
April 23, 2011 - Gloria by Poulenc - White Recital Hall

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