Monday, November 30, 2009

Central City Opera Auditions

Well, I am back from Chicago once again.  It is quite a beautiful city, but very busy during Thanksgiving weekend.  I made an all day drive up to ChiTown on Saturday and drove back Sunday.  I stayed at the same hotel as I did last time, but I had a surprise visitor - a wasp!  In November, in Chicago, in my hotel room!  I had a pot of hot water I threw at it and killed it, but that was definitely unexpected.  I woke up early again on Sunday, wore a purple tie this time, warmed up and went downtown to my audition.  It was in the building right next to the one I had Santa Fe auditions in.  The building itself was quite old and I had to go to the tenth floor.  They had an elevator guy to work the elevator!  The Kansas State Capitol is the only other place I've been to that has one of those.  Anyway, my audition went well. I sang Questa o quella.  I started off poorly, made some silly mistakes, but by the end I sang very well.  These were the first people to outwardly show that they were interested in me.  They talked quietly, as I was on stage, they were too far away for me to hear them.  But, they looked very interested and happy in my performance, so I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best.  We only had five minutes to sing, and they had a whole day of auditions.  They only invited 6 tenors, so that greatly increases my chances, but the other 5 could be awesome, you never know.  Most of the singers are older than I am, and some significantly older, so in some ways I am fighting an uphill battle.  But it is all about what kind of voice they want and need.  But now it's back to Manhattan for a week of concerts!

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