Monday, July 25, 2016

The Simple Pyramid

Hello again from Rio!  Today, I had a brief meeting at the Cathedral downtown.  Brazil is the world's largest catholic country, and you may be surprised with one of it's largest churches.

Rio Cathedral 
Inside Rio Cathedral
Bell Tower
This "new" cathedral took 12 years to complete and finished in 1976.  It is not fancy in any respect other than the design, based on a Mayan pyramid.  It is open air, made of what now is weathering concrete, dirtied from air pollution, rusted steel, but still smelling of incense and so simple, one would have to think Pope Francis, a South American who loves the simplicity of life, would be pleased.  The bell tower, also very austere is an actual, manually controlled bell tower, which I had the privilege to see and hear at noon.  If you look closer, you can see all the rusted spiral staircases that go to the top of the tower.

If you wondered, the old cathedral is gorgeous.  I found the images below online and I probably won't get to see it until after the ceremony.  Here is where the ceremony becomes involved.  Since the Olympic Flame began its continuous use in the ceremony in 1928 in Amsterdam, there has been a standing rule that the Olympic Flame be continuously lit over the Olympic Stadium.  The Olympic Stadium is the stadium specifically designated for Athletics (track and field).   Rio's Opening Ceremony is not at the Olympic Stadium but in Maracana, the most famous football (soccer) stadium in Brazil.  So, the Organizing Committee asked the IOC for help in changing the rule.  They allowed Rio, for the first time ever, to do something different!  The flame will be lit at the Opening Ceremony, but cauldron will spend the games in the square in front of the old cathedral downtown.  " is that going work," you say?  I'll let you figure that out!   The design, how it's going to be lit, and who will light it are all big secrets but are sure to be amazing.

Inside the Old Rio Cathedral
Outside the Old Rio Cathedral
It's beautiful down here and this being the second time that I've experienced the games, the media surrounding it always surprises me.  Rio certainly is better suited and prepared than Sochi was.  It's very easy to make negative reports, but people down here seem mostly annoyed with all the concerns.  Frankly, it has been too cold and dry for bug problems. I find it strange that all the top women golfers are attending the games (despite the media's fascination with zika), while many of the top men golfers have pulled out of the games due to "concerns."  In many respects, everyone is very excited, definitely not "on edge."  I saw the New Zealand Olympic Team and have seen some of the Irish and Austrians - everyone I have met are happy, feel safe, and enjoying themselves.  Rio and Brazil, are very welcoming to visitors.

And finally, today's teaser...yikes, you will feel that music!  I have a good teaser coming soon.  Nothing to give away anything, but it'll make you think.


  1. We love your blogs. It sounds like your conditions are good and that you are getting to see some sights. Grandpa is going to get the rings down from the attic so they will be ready for our watch party.!!l. Let us know if there is a particular thing to watch for. Albert Pujols just got a hit. Love gma

  2. Great post regarding the Olympic Games. I really enjoy the whole Olympic every time they happen and this time, Rio Olympics will be fund and I will not be missing out on Rio Olympics live streaming for sure.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us people that will probably never get to go to S.A. I also followed your posts in Sochi, but if I remember right, they were censored by the Russians. Again, thanks for sharing.
    don keilman gb/ks


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