Sunday, February 2, 2014

Frustrated Enthusiasm

5 Days to go!

Bryan at the Olympic Park before the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal
Day breaks in Sochi after our first run with an audience.  Tension is building, radio communication is frantic and panicked, and I am still tired from a very strenuous night.  For what I am responsible for, we were plagued with technical problems and an a general lack of enthusiasm.  Dealing with stress and problems in Russia is culturally different than it is in other places.  In Kansas, where patience is a virtue - it may actually accomplish nothing in Russia.  If something goes wrong, a satirically calm comment of "Welcome to Russia" is not too far away from any number of observers.  So look out everyone, angry Bryan is running rampant trying to move our colossal production forward as opening night approaches.

Of the accomplishments of the day, the entire show was run with stops until the secret parts of the show, the music continued through the finale segments for the first time, the largest test firework show occurred right on schedule, and with several ooo's and ahh's and massive roars from the audience, I know we are on the right track.

Fireworks testing at the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal
Another interesting feature from yesterday, is that the military has officially rolled into town.  Naval warships dot the horizon, military helicopters and jets are constantly overhead, and the ever abundant security force on the ground was on full display and successfully delayed my dinner until after midnight last night as I wasn't allowed to move from one security checkpoint only 50 meters from the food tent. 

Warships stand guard
In the Olympic Park, the procrastinated efforts to landscape this enormous space has begun in earnest.  At the Olympic Games, many countries and businesses erect "houses" in a gigantic village on the edge of the Olympic Park.  Essentially it is like a very large and modern State Fair, without the livestock, and with many more stray dogs (a common sight here in Sochi).  On my way to work this morning I went through the village and found some nearly completed houses and sights seen below.

Coca-cola House
PyeongChang House - What do you think of the logo? what do I have planned for 2018?

A Russian roller coaster - yeah, I'm not going to ride that

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