Monday, January 20, 2014


18 Days to Go!
12 Days to our first dress rehearsal with audience!

The night sky is filled with fireworks...

And I know one very intriguing secret...

Today we concluded the staging for several segments of the production.  Rehearsals are going well, but it is raining cats and dogs.  I am not used to this climate!  As you approach the Black Sea, the wind picks up significantly - it would be impossible to perform an opening ceremony without a dome on the stadium.

Early in the Summer it was decided to construct the dome, which is a very good thing in the end.  It will be used to enhance some of the effects performed through the ceremony.  But the wind is too strong to move our props from the enormous barn to the garage adjacent to the stadium.  To alleviate this problem, a wind tunnel was constructed.  For those skeptical, the wind is so strong that when one walks along the side of the stadium, the air is pushing against the structure and blasting away at the sides so strong that it nearly throws me off my feet, sod cannot be planted, the building cannot be painted, and an enormous wind tunnel and wind block had to be constructed.

Wind tunnel being built, bottom right
Completed wind tunnel, white structure above blue building
Just use your imagination on the size and quantity of props that we are using.  It will be unlike any show you have ever seen.

In the next few days, I will find out some exciting news that I hope to share with you at some point, however not so far in advance of the opening night.

Tomorrow I will be very does one conduct hundreds in the singing of the most important performance of a country's national anthem?

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