Monday, August 20, 2012

KC Chorale & Yale Wrap-up

Today is my last first day of school.  It also may be the first last day of my car, which wouldn't start after I returned from my fellowship at Yale's Norfolk Chamber Music Festival.

Life on the Estate at Yale's Norfolk Festival

Life on the Estate at Yale's Norfolk Festival

I had an amazing experience with the folks in Connecticut.  The performing went great, but I couldn't tell if I was in Connecticut or in Tolkien's Shire living in my cottage on the Ellen Battell Stoeckel estate (however, the Shire didn't have a chef that could make me gain weight!) It was a perfect week. I was surrounded by brilliant musicians from all over the world, and not to sound too pretentious, but it was nice to not be around "normal" people for awhile.  I cannot wait to meet up with some of my new friends and colleagues in the future.  I have already tried to arrange some recordings when some of us are both in the same part of the world.  Most of all, I am excited about music again.

Before I go any further, I need to say that I will have my upcoming performance schedule available next Monday on my blog - but if you cannot wait to know any concert dates, you can always email me at

My schedule in the first half of the year was incredible and torturous, but now I am completely rejuvenated and motivated - thanks, especially to the brilliant Simon Carrington.  This year, as I stated before, I will be performing as a soloist for several concerts: Beethoven's Mass in C, Bach's St. Matthew Passion, and Bach's B Minor Mass at the Kauffman Center.  I am also continuing my internship at Village Presbyterian Church (the third largest Presbyterian church in the nation) and I am loving it - I am still excited about great music performed by enthusiastic singers of any age.

When I was picked up from the train station last week, I was asked, "Where are you from?"  I said, "Kansas City!" The driver responded, "Oh, the Choral Capitol of the World."

Now, I've heard that expression before, but only from people around Kansas City.  However, when a Yale Professor says that; it makes me think a little differently about the comment.  Of course, many great choral directors have and still do direct in the Kansas City metro area, and I am very proud to be a part of the choral community here. In fact, this year, I will be performing as a soloist in several Bach Cantatas at the Conservatory in the monthly Bach's Lunch chamber concerts, which are incredibly fun, especially when there is a room filled like an arena, seating on all sides, with Bach enthusiasts, eating their sandwiches as quietly as possible.  I will also be on scholarship with the Conservatory's top choral ensemble, Conservatory Singers, with Dr. Robert Bode.  As I stated before, I will join the chamber choral group Te Deum for several concerts including the Bach B Minor Mass on my birthday next year at the Kauffman Center with the Kansas City Baroque Consortium. And finally, I am announcing that I will also be performing with Kansas City's premiere vocal ensemble the Kansas City Chorale.

The KC Chorale is a world-famous ensemble, Grammy Award-winning, and passionate about making stellar choral music.  I am very excited to begin working with them, and I cannot wait to see what all the next year will hold, but I do anticipate even more exciting gigs and events.

Many of my upcoming concerts will be held here - Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

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