Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kauffman Center Grand Opening Week: More to come!

A completely unbelievable night, last night! But yet, there's still more to come with the Grand Opening to the Symphony Hall! And, I'm invited to the ball afterward!

Yesterday, though, was magical. Here are my facebook posts from yesterday:

10:00 AM - "Today will be a good day! First sing some Bach Evangelist, then some West Side Story!"

1:00 PM - "At the opera the dressing room...ready to go! last dress rehearsal before the Grand Opening...CALLED TO STAGE!...I'm going on..."

2:00 PM - "Dress rehearsal went, got to meet the Canadian Brass!"

2:30 PM - "on stage with Domingo!!!"

3:00 PM - "Dress Rehearsal it's time for the big show!"

5:00 PM - "Security is tight...internet access is even tighter...can't wait for this thing to start"

6:00 PM - "House is open, in costume...30 minutes until the opening...what a night! Listening to the red carpet interviews on KCUR while I wait for my call..."

7:00 PM - "Curtain Up!"

9:00 PM - "IT WENT GREAT!!!! Met with Placido...UNBELIEVABLE!!!!"

10:00 PM - "‎"Tonight, won't be just any night" was the most amazing night ever! Sang and acted at my very best, got to meet with Domingo and Patti LuPone, and received the most unforgettable, gracious praise from the Kauffmans and Helzbergs...just amazing!!!"

I have a lot of video much more still to come!


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