Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Apple

I love surprises, especially big ones.  That has to make my wife crazy, because I am pretty good at keeping a secret.  Last week I received an invitation to audition for Chautauqua Opera in December in New York City.  I also discovered that my alma mater is ranked #3 in the pre-season basketball rankings and they are likely to play #1 Duke in a tournament in Kansas City the week before the auditions.  So, I had to buy tickets to the game and when I found out about the audition, I decided that this would be a great surprise for my wife.  She has never been to New York and has always talked about wanting to go.  So, I casually mentioned the basketball tickets waiting for dinner at In-gre-di-ent and she was so excited because she loves basketball.  Then I mentioned that I got the audition and that I'm taking her to New York!  She was pretty pumped, and it was really exciting to give that surprise to her.  That was a great day.  After dinner, we saw "The Social Network" at the movie theater (and it was great, albeit a little embarrassing because I am similarly eccentric - but my wife assures me that is ok).

Hopefully, she will be able to have the New York experience she's always wanted, and hopefully I will get another audition or two for that week as well.  I still have several auditions that I am waiting to hear back from.

On the other hand, I received word that I did not get an audition with Santa Fe Opera this year.  For that application, singers do not send in a recording, they just take the information that is submitted and perhaps their notes from previous auditions and make their decision.  Well, I guess they did not enjoy my audition last year in Chicago.  But, that is ok.  That is how the business works.  I also was not invited to the Wolf Trap auditions.  Nevertheless, it is quite an exciting experience to be able to travel around the country to the ones I do get invited to.  I have traveled just under 60,000 miles in the last year and half!

Wow, I have never thought about that before, but that's a lot of miles.

Anyway, I will keep you all updated on any new information.

This last week we had a very successful choir concert for the Conservatory Singers.  My wife was a life saver!  I brought the wrong tux coat and she fortunately was able to get me the one with tails, just in time for the concert.  Thanks babe!

This week, I will be participating in the Missouri NATS contest.  I have won the NATS West Regional before and this is an entirely new region for me at UMKC.  So, I am excited to see how it goes.  I will be singing Lenski's Aria by Tchaikovsky from Eugene Onegin, Nebbie by Respighi, The Lamb by Hoiby, and Thou Shalt Break Them from Messiah by Handel.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to be a part of the Kansas State University Choir Advisory Council, which I was invited to be a part of this year since I am now an alumnus.  I will continue to be part of their activities but I was notified too late to clear my schedule for their fall meeting.  I am very honored for the invitation.

Looking ahead to the Monteverdi concert in December, I promised you another weird and ancient instrument.  This week:  the Hurdy Gurdy

Current Audition Info
Santa Fe Opera - applied 9/16 - not invited 10/22
Chautauqua Opera (New York) - applied 10/5 - invited 10/22
Wolf Trap Opera (Washington D.C.) - applied 10/8 - not invited 10/18
National Opera Association Competition (San Antonio) - applied 10/12
Crested Butte Opera (Colorado) - applied 10/12
Sugar Creek Symphony and Song (near Chicago) - applied 10/12
Shreveport Opera Competition - applied 10/12
Symphony in the Valley (Colorado) - applied 10/13
Ash Lawn Opera (near Washington D.C.) - applied 10/13

Upcoming concerts:
October 29, 2010 - Missouri State NATS competition - Central Missouri University - TBA
November 10, 2010 - Singing "Der Lindenbaum" on John Mueter Presentation - Grant Hall 122 - 3pm
November 18-21, 2010 - The Dialogues of the Carmelites by Poulenc - Chevalier de la Force (cover) - White Recital Hall
November 30, 2010 - Choir Concert - Atonement Lutheran Church
December 2, 2010 - Chautauqua Opera Auditions - New York City, NY
December 7, 2010 - Featured Soloist - Monteverdi Vespers (400th Anniversary Concert) - Visitation Catholic Church -  Kansas City, MO - 7:30pm
December 12, 2010 - Tenor Soloist - Messiah by Handel - Centennial United Methodist Church - Kansas City, MO - 4:00pm
March 17-20, 2011 - Don Giovanni by Mozart - Don Ottavio - White Recital Hall
April 23, 2011 - Gloria by Poulenc - White Recital Hall


  1. I'm always there for you, babe!

    Thank you for the trip and the tickets! So excited for both.

    Hurdy Gurdy, possible name for our children.

  2. Mom, Dusti's not pregnant...I just need to get that out of the way.

    I'm excited for the trip too!


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