Monday, August 23, 2010

Yet Another First Day of School

Well, school has started again only this time at UMKC. I am used to associating my school with vicious mascot species - eagles, panthers, wildcats - but have yet to understand the ferocious nature of the Kangaroo. I know they "box", but seriously, there are some strange mascots as you move east on I-70 - ichabods, jayhawks, and boxing kangaroos.

Well, my music classes will hopefully be very useful and not too overbearing. I am anxious to start singing and performing. I have quite a list of auditions that I am applying for besides the university opera auditions of course. I have not heard anyone yet, so I am excited to hear some of the singers and tenors to see where I fit in. I am very excited to have so many people who share the same passion as I do.

I have been working hard with KCVI. It is growing and every day now I get requests from people wanting lessons. I am really excited about one person in particular, Dr. Anne Walker-Willyard! She is Mr. Walker's daughter. Mr. Walker is the former choir director at K-State. She is back in the area and has some really great ideas about elementary school voice classes. I have been talking to area companies, Sprint, Applebee's, and Russel Stover's about providing scholarships for kids. Hopefully something will come of that. Plus, to those at UUMC in Salina, KS, Jordan Smith and I made a CD with many of the solos that I sang while I worked there the last 3 years. I will make quite a few copies and they will be free with a suggested donation of $10. The money from this will go directly to providing music lessons to children who cannot afford it here in the Kansas City Metro Area.

I plan on updating every Monday and letting everyone any events coming up.

Saturday - August 28: UMKC Opera Auditions

Other things happening soon: Kansas City Civic Opera Auditions, Kansas City Metropolitan Opera Auditions

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